Infrastructure is what keeps everything and everyone moving and living everywhere in the world, because without these no one would be able to do anything.  After all, it is this infrastructure that allows electricity and water to flow to homes and businesses and gives people ways to travel via car or another vehicle. It provides living and working spaces.

Wether it be peoples or information, Infrastructure is necessary for the development of any entity. We strive to provide smart solutions for each of these.

We deliver integrated Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services for civil construction and infrastructure sector projects. Along with our clients, we deliver projects that create long-term development and economic growth for our country.


Whether it’s producing the food to feed our communities, drugs and medicines to improve our health, electronics and automobiles to simplify our lives, or jobs that underpin our economy, manufacturing is vital to the communities we live in and our lifestyles.

We take an end to end approach in improving the whole business of our manufacturing clients. We design solutions which impact positively on how clients plan, source, transform and deliver goods to their customers. This is where we excel. This is our area of competitive advantage.

We work across a range of manufacturing industries with particular emphasis on the knowledge intense and technology rich environments including advanced manufacturing, food and beverage and pharmaceuticals.

We are finding the solutions to the future paradigm of manufacturing. Our creative engineering skills, enveloped in an integrative thinking model, are helping our clients negotiate this complex set of interdependent and inter-related issues and creating new value for them.


Energy touches nearly every facet of our lives. It is a vital force powering our homes, businesses, industrial facilities and vehicles, as well as a fundamental factor in achieving and sustaining a high quality of life.

The world’s energy markets are transforming. The global trend to reduce carbon emissions has seen a renewed focus on commercialising sustainable energy sources, improving infrastructure and improving efficiency.This follows a landmark agreement between 195 nations at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris in 2015. As states and nations develop their pathways to this low carbon future, they remain challenged with supplying reliable and affordable energy and it’s interdependence with economic growth, prosperity and welfare.

Digital transformation and the digitisation of infrastructure are key macro themes our clients see as both impacting their existing business, reshaping their business models, and driving them to innovate in a range of areas including: smart grids and meters; distributed generation; the deep penetration of renewables; the challenges of household generation and storage on existing networks and utilities. The plethora of digitally enabled services and solutions being developed such as energy management, storage, peer-to-peer trading, virtual power stations, demand management and data analytics will also need consideration.

From renewable energy development to temporary power solutions, Mproject provides a wide range of services to plan, engineer and deliver power infrastructure to meet the world’s growing need for cleaner, more cost-effective and more reliable electricity and energy.


To revolutionize HVAC Industry in India with Smart & sustainable technologies, to deliver Cost efficient and Energy efficient projects and facilitating healthy Air Conditioning with integrity, honesty and best ethical practices.

We hold rich experience in Consultancy and Execution. We are specialized in Industrial Ventilation, Centralized Cooling, Clean Rooms, Energy Audit, and Electrical Projects. Our dedicated team and highly experienced Consultants, Engineers & Technicians provide complete support starting from Design, Consultancy till complete execution.


With our group of highly skilled Engineers and Technicians we undertake the Design, Engineering, Supervision, Supply of Equipment & Materials, Installation, Testing, Commissioning and Maintenance Services for all types of safety & security solutions.