COVID-19 Disrupting global supply chain

We are facing a crises with coronavirus….and we know it was time to do something about it.

Its hard to define an event would define the careers of procurement and supply chain professionals worldwide more than a global pandemic. Yet that’s exactly what we have: 94% of worlds supply chain have already been disrupted. Lock downs are imminent in many countries. We seem to be on the brink of a widespread panic, but….

The executives in our respective business are still saying ‘its our responsibility to ensure business continues, no matter what.

As terrifying as this all seems, in times like this we go to the roots of why we started Muzna business process management and procurement outsourcing services. Its simple “when we work alone its easy to get overwhelmed. But when we come together, great things happen . Suddenly there is advise, knowledge-sharing, support and answer. This is what we want and what we want to offer you.

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