Globalization has literally changed the game for businesses. Today, it’s possible to widen the reach and push the scale across geographies – creating an expansive operational blueprint. Therefore, firms need smarter and focused global supply chain models.

Clearly, automated Supply Chain Models have fast gained traction, offering a competitive edge, smarter economic flowcharts and contemporaneous products. However, SCM is a complex terrain and global firms have to seamlessly manage an ever-expanding network of stakeholders.

Outsourcing the supply chain management helps in minimizing overall cost, focus on its core competencies, meet customer demands more effectively and avail greater flexibility in maintaining and operating its supply chain. While outsourcing the SCM activities, organisations take care of integration issues that they might face, when an external organisation manages the supply chain, which is the backbone of the organisation. If integration phase is taken care of and the third party organisation has expertise and prior experience in managing the supply chain of other organisations, SCM can provide strategic advantage to an organisation.

Muzna Group aims to provide technologically advanced & smart solutions for the supply chain function. Our teams have dedicated & categorically experienced staff having lots of experience dealing with spend management, procurement & sourcing. Custom solutions designed for each customer has the backing of dedicated software platform. Combined together we are expert in collecting data & analysing as per requirements. Management reporting solutions provide the decision makers a birds eye view of the complete operations.

Our outsourcing solution provides not just an online platform but a complete system incorporating a combination of technology, people and strategy.


Our full spectrum of sourcing and procurement solutions include source-to-contract and procure-to-pay services that streamline upstream and downstream processes, reducing source-to-settle cycle time


  • A resource pool of professionals experts in their fields located in major economic and industrial centers of the world.
  • State-of-the-art automation tools.
  • Proven work processes supported by operational excellence programs, subject matter experts, and six sigma methodologies
  • Innovative supply chain solutions to complex execution.
  • Significant spending volume with an advanced market-watch program that can be leveraged to obtain value for our customers by identifying global opportunities and mitigating currency and price risks. 
  • Long-term, senior-level relationships with key manufacturing and contractor organizations to promote collaboration and innovation to reduce costs.
  • Knowledge of local laws, markets, customs, and procurement practices that enables sourcing from locations around the world in compliance with all laws and regulations.


Procurement outsourcing for SMBs is created to help the small business owner take advantage of many of the strategic assets larger corporations have been using for years. In fact, a large percentage of all big companies plan to increase their usage of outsourcing. “Entrepreneurs have long seen outsourcing as a strategy reserved for big business, but technology has made it a more accessible tool for small businesses.” Times certainly are changing.

The most of the SMBs have very limited procurement support, which is usually a mutual resource to other departments as well. Procurement leaders already know that they can expect large talent gap in the near future due to baby boomers retiring and small companies will be the most because they have limited resources to attract talent. Procurement outsourcing can solve this problem by allowing access to industry experts on demand.

Adding additional inventory for SMBs represents a major risk because of the fluctuations in business. More employees often mean more risk. Having procurement outsourcing can help with cutting down the risk since you get the gain of the service without the further overhead expense.

Any small company can use increased purchasing power, but how can they create negotiation leverage on their own with limited purchase volume? This is an enormous benefit to using procurement outsourcing. There is strategic collaboration in place to provide prompt savings across many goods and services, which most small companies are already using.

In addition, procurement outsourcing allows SMBs to tap into competitive assets most of their competitors are not using. Many good and creative solutions can come from association with the supplier network, which is exactly the place where the procurement outsourcing lives. Therefore, new product development, exclusive distribution, packaging, inventory solutions, and financing are all fields that can help to separate small companies from the competition.

Using the best methods often can help with driving cost savings. The cost savings can also come thanks to current solution providers without the additional overheads. Needs and technology change over time and services from providers are continuously changing but most contracts stay in place costing SMBs huge amounts of money simply because they don’t localize these changes. In most of the cases, procurement outsourcing even pays for itself through cost saving divisions creating no risk for the small company’s owner.

There has never been a better time for SMBs to take advantage of procurement outsourcing in order to develop the best solutions, which can help separate them from the competition and increase their cash flow. These principles apply to practically every industry. Procurement outsourcing allows small company owners to get approach to many benefits that larger companies use without any risk.