Muzna group has strategically grouped into three units each catering to a different business. The group started with just the Trading division with the aim to cater to the requirements of GCC countries. Projects division was later incorporated to attend to business opportunities arising from the supply of goods to our customers. Similarly the service division was launched recently to provide a customised supply of goods & services to our customers relating to their outsourcing needs of business processes.

We are proud to have all the three units which interlink and support each other to provide a customer with superior performance. 


With a team of highly skilled and experienced engineers, we are constantly trying to innovate technolofies & find solutions to some of the complex issues in our daily life or in the various industries like Infrastructure, Power & energy, manufacturing, FMCG, Advertisement & media or supply chain. Our team is well supported by our supply chain division to deliver projects in timely manner with superior performance which brings us the legacy of customer satisfaction. To know more visit our website.


With the drastic development in supply chain processes, & a dynamic competition, it has become compulsory for industries to keep continously monitoring new technologies & adapt to new methods to do business. The success of any organization depends on the effeciency of their supply chain, while tier 1 organization do have multiple options, the middle segment of the industry is left out due to the heavy investment. We strive to provide such segments with an outsourcing solution which is smart and sustainable.


With a strong supplier base across the globe and a parternership with the most dependable logistics, our team is trying to meet the dynamic requirements of the customers across the world. We are not just interested in supplying goods but we strive to provide best solutions to customer requirements. Hence our job never ends with the delivery of materials. We stay in continous touch with our customer to provide latest information and developments in their respective processes.